Diet and nutrition can be a tricky thing, especially when we have savvy marketing gurus who may be feeding us inaccurate information. How do we know what’s actually healthy and what is just marketed as such?  Let’s talk about the “Top 10 Unhealthy Health Foods”.  These are foods you may think are healthy, but aren’t.  Don’t be fooled!


  1. ‪VEGGIE PATTIES. Veggie patties may seem like a great alternative for vegans and those wanting to avoid red meat. Although they may be lower in fat and calories, many are packed with artificial ingredients and preservatives. A better choice is a turkey burger or grilled vegetable burger.
  2. ‪ENERGY DRINKS. Energy dare supposed to provide a nutrient boost to increase your energy levels but be wary of them. They often have high calorie counts and the artificial dies used to give them their vibrant appearance contain high amounts of sugar. I’ve said it before and I’ll say again “Water. Water. Water.”
  3. ‪BRAN MUFFINS. Okay, I love these too but, depending on how they are made, bran muffins can have as much fat as a donut and often contain plentiful amounts of butter. Portion sizes are also often much bigger. If you love them like I do, a safer bet is to just make your own.
  4. ‪ SMOOTHIES. Mixing fruits and veggies in a blender seems like a great option for a quick on the go to snack. The added fruit may be healthy, but the added sugary fruit juice, sorbet and yogurt are not.
  5. ‪DRIED FRUIT. Don’t be tricked into thinking eating dried fruit is the same as eating fresh fruit. Dried fruits are full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Due to their small size, you end up eating more. Banana chips are the worst because they can be deep fried just like potato chips.
  6. ‪FAT-FREE PRODUCTS. Sources of fat are necessary in a balanced diet, so don’t go crazy looking for fat-free foods. Many fat-free products are highly processed and can actually be harmful to you if consumed regularly. Remember, fat-free does not mean calorie-free.
  7. ‪ENERGY BARS. These can easily be glorified candy bars that are made with unhealthy add-ons like white flour, saturated fat and added sugar. You make think you are enjoying a good meal supplement, but in fact, can be adding as many as 400 calories to your day.
  8. ‪GRANOLA. Cereal granolas are filled with bran and grains. Always read the labels carefully. Many are loaded with carbohydrates. In addition, the grains go through a process that can eliminate many of their nutrients.
  9. ‪SKIM MILK. Skim milk is manufactured with powdered milk to make it taste better but adds cholesterol. It is also lacking many of the nutrients and vitamins in whole milk, so ask yourself if it’s even worth it.
  10. ‪DIET SODA. The number one unhealthy health food on my list is diet soda. Diet soda contain tons of additives, calories and dyes. Avoid it at all costs.

‪I always say it’s our job to be our own body advocate. Get in the habit of reading labels so you can make the best decisions for yourself. I would love to hear what some of your biggest battles are while tackling nutrition. Let me know in the comments, I may have some tips to help you get through those challenges. See you soon and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more tips and training!