Janine Delaney, Ph.D. is a Wellness Coach and role mode for anyone who desires to feel good about themselves from a physical and mental standpoint. Janine’s goal is to share with her audience the experiences she has earned through receiving her Doctorate in Psychology and lifetime dedication to fitness. Janine brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to the world of fitness, demonstrating fitness is achievable at any age and at any stage in life.  She believes each person can be their own best advocate with the proper information and consistency. 


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How many times have you changed up your usual workout over the past year? Sure, you have to try new things to keep it interesting, but it can be tricky when you feel like you’ve run out of exercises to experiment with. Trainer Janine Delaney gets that, which is why she’s bringing you this pulse-pounding jump rope routine that’s unlike any other part of your usual regimen. These five moves that will give you a new appreciation for this intense form of cardio.


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“10 Best Killer Ab Exercises”

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“Trainer Janine Delaney brings you this pulse-pounding jump rope routine that’s unlike any other part of your usual regimen.”

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