One of my favorite things about jumping rope is that there’s always a new trick to learn so your routine never feels stale.

In this video I’m showing you my signature trick called the Dancer’s Step. I created this on my own and I’m so excited to share it with you. Here it is!


I’m going to teach this tutorial without the rope at first so you can learn the step. If you know how to move, even just a little, this is going to be a piece of cake.

Jump slightly to the left and extend your right leg while flexing your foot.

Now bring your legs towards one another, crossing the right foot over the left.

Swiftly switch directions, extending your left leg and bringing it back in over your right foot.

This is the sequence. Just keep practicing.

Now we can try it with the rope.

The same steps apply so don’t let the addition of the rope trip you up.

Just start jumping

The first step to any trick is to just start jumping. It’s so important to get the momentum and a good rhythm down. Remember everyone has a different technique so never compare yourself to others. Do what feels comfortable and natural for you.

Jump to right and extend your leg

As your leg extends the rope should be crossing under your body

Bring your feet together and cross the right foot over the left.

Again, as your leg crosses, the rope should cross under your body. This is all about timing. So each time you make a move, the rope goes under you.

Repeat the movement on the left side.

Once you get good you can even practice circles.

And that’s the Dancer’s Step. Feel free to show it off and make it your own. Just put on some tunes and keep practicing, you never know, you may just come up with a new trick of your own.

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