Hi, Everyone! I love hearing how you’ve been getting better and better at your jumping skills and how my YouTube tutorials have really helped. I wanted to share a trick I recently learned called the E.B., or Front Back Cross.


The first step is really to just get jumping. As we start to move into more advanced jump rope tricks, I’ve learned that building momentum is important.

Without enough momentum, you may end up getting caught up in the rope which is what had been happening to me when I first started learning this trick.


Once you gain enough momentum, you want to start by swinging the rope to one side. This can be a bit tricky because most people have one side they favor. You may pick up the EB better on one side to start. That’s ok. Just keep practicing in both directions and eventually you will learn the coordination on the right AND on the left.

Once you get the swinging movement it’s time to get the back arm of the hand you are swinging to go behind you.

Now you are ready to try the jump


As you bring the rope behind your body jump through on the downward movement. You will end up with the rope behind you.  This is where I was getting tripped up when I did not have the right momentum. Here’s the trick! As soon as you jump through the first time and the rope is behind you, un-cross the rope and jump through it again. It should be one fluid movement.

Now you can do multiples and even switch it up to either side.

It took me a while to get this one down, so remember to be patient and just keep going through the motions. What made this click for me was when I started to pick up my speed and one day the rope just crossed under after the initial loop. That’s when I knew I finally had it.

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