So you’ve been trying to jump rope and you just can’t seem to get it down. Who hasn’t walked out of the gym after learning how to jump rope with HUGE whiplash marks all over the legs. Don’t get discouraged. Here are some simple fixes that will help you to STOP tripping on that rope!


One of the most common mistakes I see people make is choosing a rope that is too long or too short for them. The length of your rope is CRITICAL to ensure you can jump with ease and grace.

Here’s a trick to see if the rope you are using is the correct height for you:

Stand on the center of your rope with one foot and bring both handles to one side until they reach your shoulder. They should come just at your shoulder, not below or aboveOnce you get the proper size rope, your jumping game will improve dramatically.


When you start bringing your arms too far away from your body, you are shortening the length of the rope and you will easily trip up. Be aware of the distance of your arms from your body and adjust them accordingly.


Choose one pair of sneakers and try to use them exclusively when jumping. The height of your sneaker’s sole can vary so much so if you get used to one pair and then switch it up, you may notice your timing seems off. It’s probably just because the soles are a different height. So, do yourself a favor, choose a pair and stick with them!


Obviously, form is critical when jumping rope. Even small form changes can cause you to lose your rhythm. A common mistake is when your hands slowly creep up, which will, in turn, shorten the length of your rope and cause you to trip up. Your hands should be right around your mid-line. Keep them there.


When you first start jumping you may notice your jumping too early or too late. The rope coming around your body all happens in a matter of seconds, so pay close attention to the timing. Once you get the timing down, you’ll be in a groove and you’ll be able to jump for a longer period of time.


Don’t be afraid to choke down on the handles. A firm hold closest to the handle itself will give you the best control. This will come in handy especially when you start learning tricks.


The quality of the rope you are using DOES matter. Ropes that are flimsy and kink up can change so many factors when you jump. Take time to find a high-quality rope even if it means spending a little bit more – It’s so worth it.


Keeping an upright posture is SO important. Make sure you are not hunching over or slouching. I like to say, “Think about having a string attached to the top of your head pulling you up to the ceiling.” Good posture will keep your body aligned and help with your jumping form tremendously.


Finding the right bounce height to your rope is crucial and everyone’s bounce height is unique and will vary. Typically it is not necessary to jump very high. You’ll lose efficiency when you jump too high and you’ll also create unnecessary pressure on your joints. Finding a good jumping height will allow you to sustain your endurance and jump safely.


Most important, jumping rope should all be about having fun, so stop taking yourself so seriously and just let it go. The looser and less self-conscious your body is, the easier it will be!

So did any of these look familiar to you? If they did, now’s the time to fix them. I promise if you keep these in mind you are only going to get better and better at your jumping game.

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