Are you looking to for something to change up your workout or jump rope routine? I am excited to share my top 15 favorite jump rope tricks with you! My video demonstration is powered by Crossrope, my new GO-TO when it comes to using a jump rope for fitness. I’m loving the Crossrope weighted system, because I can choose a different weight depending on my workout goal for the day. In my Top 15 Jump Rope Tricks video, I use the ¼ lb rope which is flexible enough for my tricks, but also adds that extra shoulder pump. You can do my tricks with any rope, but a weighted jump rope will take things up a notch for a killer workout.


1. EB
2. Backward Crosses
3. Dancer’s Skip
4. Crosses
5. Criss Cross
6. Knee Ups
7. Open / Close
8. Loops
9. Rocking Horse
10. Criss Cross
11. Front & Back
12. Side to Side
13. Running Man
14. Heel / Toe Taps
15. Skier’s Jump

So, there you go, my 15 favorite jump rope tricks – They make working out really fun! Let me know which tricks you want to learn the most, and I’ll make a video that breaks down all the fundamentals for you. To purchase the amazing rope that I used in my video demonstration, go to

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