Let’s learn how to do a crossover! You’re going to look superbadasss at the gym doing these, and they’re so much fun.


In my crossover tutorial video, I use the 1/4 weighted jump rope by Crossrope. I love the Crossrope weighted system because I feel like I can jump for half the time and get twice the workout in. I’m a working mom, so time is always an issue!

Sizing your rope is important and if you haven’t already done that, check out my Jump Rope Basics video to learn how to do this. A little side note, when you are first learning how to do a crossover, you can go a bit longer with your rope at first, because the extra slack will make it a bit easier.


Here are some tips for when you are first learning how to do a crossover:

  • ‪Your arms go wide so the rope will get around your body.
  • ‪Create an arc with rope and jump. Repetition is key. Do this movement several times until you feel comfortable.
  • ‪Pay attention to where your arms are in relation to your body when you cross. They should be at your waist not above. Sometimes minor adjustments can make a world of difference.
  • ‪Stand slightly bent forward so you clear the rope
  • ‪Focus on eye hand coordination
  • ‪Point thumbs down
  • ‪Now let’s do a combo. Cross Un-Cross. Then just keep going. You got this!

Breaking anything down step by step helps demystify the move! Hopefully, this helps you guys conquer the crossover! Try this a few minutes every day and you’ll be surprised, by the end of one week, you’ll be able to do a few.  

If you want to check out my rope visit www.crossover.com/janine

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