You have been loving my Perfect Ab Workout video, so I know you are ready to take it to the next level. I’m sharing my ‘10 Best Killer Ab Exercises’ to get you shredded.  Here’s a sneak peek to what it takes to get that 6 pack you’ve always wanted.


  1. Hanging Leg Raises
  2. Pull Ups with Legs at 90 Degrees
  3. Around the World
  4. Backward Crunches
  5. Pikes
  6. Roll-Outs
  7. Single Arm Roll-Outs
  8. V-Ups
  9. Decline Bench Sit-Up with Weight
  10. Carry a weight overhead

That’s a recipe to getting you the six-pack you’ve always wanted. Ab strength doesn’t develop overnight. If you train your abs consistently, each week you’ll feel your strength start to build up and pretty soon you’ll be flying through these moves and you can add more reps in. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to get even more workout and diet tips!